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Meet the Hungry Run Family!

Our Story

Wine making started as just a hobby for Steve Flood in 2011, but as he became more passionate about the craft and his friends and family continued to be impressed with his wine, he thought that he might be on to something special. Over a decade later that something special has turned into an award-winning winery, wine bar, and full menu restaurant. Steve and Katy Flood have owned and operated Hungry Run since 2015 and love sharing their passion with others.




Steve and Katy Flood


Steve and Katy met at IUP and have been married for 29 years. They love owning a business together and feel that it brings them closer together as a couple. At Hungry Run Katy ensures that everything runs smoothly, whether it's coordinating wine festivals or greeting customers at the door. Katy loves her work and always brings smiles to our customers.

Recently, Steve has transitioned from winemaker to grill master, working in the kitchen to deliver incredible food. A jack-of-all trades, Steve loves bringing his creativity to the dinner menu.


Jake Flood


Steve and Katy's oldest son, Jake started at the winery working wine festivals, but quickly gained interest in the winemaking craft and began helping his dad make the wine in 2019. Having recently graduated from Penn State University, Jake is now the sole winemaker at Hungry Run. He loves creating inventive wines like our Strawberry Watermelon and Mojo, yet also enjoys making wine classics such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling.

"What started as just helping my dad out has turned into a real passion for wine!"


Kasey Flood

General & Social Media Manager

Kasey joined the Flood family in August of 2021 when her and Jake got married and has since become an integral part of the business. Graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Nutrition, Kasey runs our kitchen and ensures that we serve quality food in all of our dishes. She also manages our social media and puts her photography and posting skills to good use. She loves working alongside her husband and in-laws and is always bringing a smile to those around her.

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